The Vistorian

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 15.04.00.pngThe Vistorian ( is an online tool for interactive exploration of dynamic multivariate and geographic networks:


This page provides:

The Vistorian is a research project. If you’re using the Vistorian for your work, please cite our poster and send us feedback and examples of your work of our gallery. This helps us keeping the Vistorian funded. Similarly, if you find bugs, send us screenshots and descriptions, we’re happy to help you with your data.

Benjamin Bach, Nathalie Henry Riche, Roland Fernandez, Emmanoulis Giannisakis, Bongshin Lee, Jean-Daniel Fekete. NetworkCube: Bringing Dynamic Network Visualizations to Domain Scientists. Posters of the Conference on Information Visualization (InfoVis), Oct 2015, Chicago, United States. 2015.


Mailing List:

Benjamin Bach, University of Edinburgh, UK
Jean-Daniel Fekete, Inria, France
Nathalie Henry Riche, Microsoft Research, US
Nicole Dufournaud, EHESS, France